Backup Solution - Too many clients lose their files, photos and music because they didn't back up their computer.
Service Price: $95
Computer Diagnostics - When you're machine's performance isn't up to par, we'll conduct a complete hardware diagnostic to determine why.
Service Price: $50
Data Recovery (Critical) - Most computer users have had a hard drive fail on them at least once, and the majority didn't have a backup of their valuable files. If this happens to you, we can help.
Service Price: $250
Data Recovery (Minor) - Retrieve accidentally deleted files.
Service Price: $150
Hard Drive Upgrade / Replacement - you have a hard drive failure or simply want more space
Service Price: $95
Hardware Installation (Minor) - Need to replace a hard or optical drive or add new memory? We'll install them or any other desktop components, such as video cards, network cards and power supplies.
Service Price: $35
Hardware Installation (Major) - This applies to desktop motherboards and all laptop components except motherboards. The install includes any accompanying software.
Service Price: $75
Music Collection Conversion - Want to free yourself from CDs by converting your music into digital files?
Service Price: $2/CD
Software Installation - Bring in your software from home or point us to programs that you've downloaded from the internet. We will install as many programs you like. This also applies if you buy software from us.
Service Price: $50
System Restore Disks - Computers purchased from most manufacturers no longer include Windows
installation discs or system restore discs. nstead, they leave it up to you to create these critical back-up discs. If
Service Price: $35/Disc,
$100/3+ Discs
Windows Installation - This is a fresh install from a Windows CD, which is often needed after a hard drive failure.
Service Price: $150
Windows Repair - Hardware failures and viruses can lead to missing or corrupt system files, and a Windows repair installation may be just what you need to get the system up and running.
Service Price: $50
Windows Upgrade - We'll upgrade you to the version of Windows that you buy or bring in.
Service Price: $120


System Cleaning - Dust and dirt are enemies to your computer, and a system cleaning is the required physical side of computer maintenance.
Service Price: $20
System Optimization - Just like your car, your computer requires routine maintenance, and this is the computer equivalent of an engine tune up.
Service Price: $50

Money Saving Packages

Complete Cleanup Package: - It includes our 3 most popular services!
Service Price: $150
Complete Cleanup & Protection Package - – One of the best bangs for your buck! If you are a first time customer and have an infestation on your computer, this is the combination package for you.
Service Price: $225
Malware Protection Package - To protect your computer from malicious viruses, adware and trojans, we'll purchase and install our recommended anti-malware software.
Service Price: $100


To get a free quote for any other services that are not listed on this page please don't hesitate to contact us through the contact pages or give us a call at 216-394-1482